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Welcome to I Testify to You

I Testify to You is the online archive for Testimony Tuesday, a powerful program of personal stories of faith shared on WITW 93.5, Valparaiso’s Home for Christian Music.

WITW 93.5 Valparaiso's Home for Christian MusicWe have received so many requests from listeners to have copies of our guests’ visits, we have created this site to house the archives. We hope that you will enjoy revisiting these great stories of faith, but we ask that you respect the guests and our programming. Please do not use any aspect of the messages for any use other than personal listening, If you have an interest in reproducing or using in a public forum (class, study, service, etc.) please contact us so we can check with the person who shared that testimony. They were gracious enough to share it initially. We need to respect their desires.

Debra Shares about the Life Impact of Abortion

Following the Right to Life gathering on the Porter County Courthouse Lawn in January, Debra joined us to share her story. She shared how a decision at a very young age has been part of her life for decades. Her visit coincided with the anniversary of the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision. Our society continues to discount the sanctity of life on different levels. Debra gave a heart-felt testimony that will hopefully be there for someone else who may be lulled into a decision under the guise that it’s the easy thing to do.